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Our family, get acquainted

Hiii! My name is Lori, I am 44 years old. I have 4 children: Landon 15 years, Skyler 14 years,  Seanna 13 years and our younger pride Sunnie 7 years. We live in San Diego.

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Let's start with our youngest Sunnie, her 7 years old and this is our pride! Already with 3 years appeared in magazines. And that's in season 9 of the television series *Bones*; she began to play the role of Christian Bottles until the end. In 2013 starred in the tv series *Ladies Like Us*. in 2016 starred in the films *Jackie* and *The Maiden *. Dancing and acting skill.

The remaining even tell nothing besides as her sister is involved in dancing, too, and so ordinary teenagers.

On a fun giraffe I liked. Design class! People probably are also very good!

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